by Cat Connor (Rebel ePublishers) ISBN 9780986973147


Supervising Special Agent Ellie Conway has a new challenging case to solve.


Her husband Mac joins her in the case as a support. The case is similar to another incident where the murderer used Mac and Ellie's published poetry in the crime scene. The sales of the books had helped to set up the Butterfly Foundation which the criminals tapped into to speak to victims in a chat room.


Ellie had thought this new serial killer was a case of déjà vu, but this time with more dangerous and life-threatening consequences involving bourbon, chlorine, gold ribbons and surveillance cameras. The themes of mental illness, love, team work and perseverance come through.


Ellie uses her special psycho-prophetic talents and courage to lead her team to discover the crimes behind the murders and to stop those responsible in their tracks.


A gripping read with elements of intrigue, fun, violence and ultimately, tragic closure.


Amanda Blankfield


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