by Karin Slaughter (Century) ISBN 9781846057977 R215, 00

Karin Slaughter is the novelist who takes readers where no other writers will go. I followed the Dr Sarah Linton novels - captivated, terrified, and sometimes simply brutally shocked. Slaughter doesn’t believe in rules and boundaries for her characters. She imagines the best and the worst things that can happen and she writes everything into the stories. 

In Criminal, Special Agent Will Trenton has to deal with his past. His father, a serial killer who tortured and killed his mother, has been paroled, and a girl has been murdered - a lot like the first girl he murdered 40 years earlier. Will is ordered off the case by his boss, Amanda Wagner, who worked the first case all those years ago. 

Will is in love with Dr Sarah Linton, but he’s still married to Angie, an ally from his days spent in foster care and children’s homes. Will Sarah be able to accept his past? Do they have a future? And can they withstand the trademark cliffhanger Slaughter ending? Although I enjoy Slaughter’s writing, I found alternating between the past and the present distracting and alienating in this novel. I think the scenes are also a little too long. There was too much information to process. I hope her next novel is more focused. 

Amanda Patterson

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