Book Review - Three Seconds

by Roslund and Hellström (Quercus)  R189.00  ISBN: 978-1-84916-151-0 

When selecting this book, two things jump out as possible risks to a good read. One, a novel that has been co-authored can sometimes result in a stumbling story. Two, Scandinavian books translated to English are often infused with a grey undertone that is not to everyone’s liking. 

However, the authors have managed to pull together a gripping, well-paced seamless story that only has one or two gloomy skies. In doing so, this book is elevated from being a book enjoyed by a niche-market reader, to a global best-seller, on a par with the first of Steig Larsson’s works. 

The story is based around the growing drug trade in Sweden and a long-term police informer’s challenges to infiltrate the inner ranks of the Polish mafia. In doing so, he also needs to ensure the continued support from the politically-driven state and police institutions. Interests are not always aligned. The book also deals with his internal strife of having to lie to his beloved family to ensure their safety. 

The novel starts a little haltingly, introducing you to the different players in the story. Once the reader passes these first few chapters they’re pulled into an excellent read, that has one silently admiring and rooting for our protagonist right until the very last page. 

Patrick Duff 

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Book Review - Touch, Pause, Engage!

by Liz McGregor (Jonathan Ball ) ISBN: 978-1-868-423095

Liz McGregor is one of the few female writers to have written a book about South African rugby. McGregor does not disappoint.
She shows the heart of rugby: the passion, the triumphs and the disappointments in Touch, Pause, Engage!

McGregor has walked next to muddy school fields and sat next to racist spectators in the rugby stadiums. She has interviewed professional rugby stars whose faces grace the media. She has drunk cappuccino at Loftus with the coaches to gather her information.
McGregor chats to the families who are the invisible people supporting the professional player. The heart-breaking confession of a coach who learnt about his sacking in the media will have readers sympathising.

Touch, Pause, Engage! is about the people in the rugby arena caught between earning money and following their passions. Life in the spotlight is not all glamour. It is about the character behind the public profile.

Although Touch, Pause, Engage! has to fight for shelf space amidst the many books written by Springboks, it is a book that is different to the usual game analysis and I-hate-sports-administrators rugby books.

Three years of meticulous research has been shaped and moulded into a story that explores human values and brotherhood. This book will delight not only rugby fans but also all lovers of a good sports story.
Ulrike Hill 

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Alice Bliss

by Laura Harrington (Pan Macmillan) ISBN 978-0-330-54417-7
This is one of the nicest and most poignant books I have read in a long time. Alice Bliss, a fifteen-year-old girl, is growing up and finding herself in a family faced with change. Alice loves her father and shares many special times with him. But he enlists and is called to serve in the war against terror. After he leaves, Alice and her mother and sister are forced to forge new relationships in their altered family space.
It is a delicate story about a girl maturing emotionally and socially in the context of a home missing a crucial element. All the characters in Alice’s life make up a fascinating slice of life. In particular, the letters and memories are beautifully evoked by Harrington.
However, when her father Matt Bliss is listed as missing, we see how Alice and her family are forced to cope. Highly recommended as an easy, afternoon read – weepy stuff too, so keep the tissues handy. I have passed it on to all my friends as it is an endearing, emotional story. Certainly not for macho types!
Shelley Roe-Berning 


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