by Andrea Cremer (Atom) ISBN 1907410309 

Wolfsbane is the much anticipated second book in the Nightshade series. 

Calla wakes up. She is in the searcher's stronghold, recovering from her ordeal and the wounds sustained at the end of Nightshade. Shay is there too, and he is safe. The sacrifices she has made seem worth it, but are they? Calla has left a life behind, her mother has been murdered and the members of her pack have been tortured. She has betrayed everything she believed in. Including Ren, the Alpha boy she was supposed to marry. 

I found this book too much like an unbelievable action-packed Hollywood film. I missed the attention to character Cremer applied in Nightshade. I think we should have learned more about the searchers. However, she is still a very good writer and worth reading. I hope the next book lives up to the first. Nightshade made me believe that there were some paranormal books worth reading. 

And we have to always be grateful for strong, determined Calla – the definitive anti-Bella. 

Amanda Patterson

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