What to Do When You Want to Give Up

Help for Entrepreneurs in Tough Times by Allon Raiz with Trevor Waller (Pan Macmillan) ISBN: 978 1 920434 32 8


Viable small and medium sized enterprises will contribute to a strong South African economy and create much-needed jobs. Entrepreneurship is widely encouraged and support programmes for entrepreneurs abound.  Among the multitude of advisors, Allon Raiz and his Raizcorp rate as one of the best.


In my opinion his main differentiators are a genuine interest in the person of the entrepreneur and making a point of asking tough questions that might not be comfortable to hear but will assist in bringing focus and clarity. 


The book presents Rachel, an entrepreneur who after struggling with her business for the past three years feels like a ping pong ball: little bounce and empty inside. In a number of conversations Allon takes her through the attributes of being an entrepreneur and running a business.


He starts by looking inside and finding her passion and commitment to the business before moving to its economic viability. They critically examine what value she actually offers to which market and how she makes money from this. Rachel finds new energy and charts her way forward to new growth levels for herself and her business. 


Written in conversation style, with the more theoretical content captured in separate blocks, the book is an attractive read. The experiences from Allon and people he’s worked with are an inspiration to any struggling entrepreneur.


Josine Overdevest


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