by Veronica Roth (HarperCollins) R98, 00 ISBN9780007420421 

Beatrice is 16. Born into a world with five factions, it is time for her to decide where she belongs. She turns her back on her world. She feels as if she is not the same as her parents and her brother, Caleb. Or is she? She does not feel as if she belongs anywhere. 

Known as Tris in this new world, her choice takes her on a brutal journey, filled with violence and the discovery that nothing is as it seems. She falls in love with Four, the instructor who seems to take her under his wing. She discovers how brave she really is and makes new friends and new enemies. 

Roth writes well. The book is interesting. It is a good read. But it lacks the magic that sets it apart. It feels hollow to me, although I am not sure how I would improve it. A good enough Young Adult Dystopian read.   

Amanda Patterson

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