Book Review - Ultimate Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting Guide

by Sister Lilian (Human & Rousseau) ISBN 9780798171458 

When it comes to raising children, everyone has an opinion. However put your mind at ease with this well-written guide by Sister Lillian who has over 30 years’ experience in pregnancy and baby care. 

Various topics such as pregnancy, birth and parenting are dealt with objectively and informatively. This book is filled to the brim with interesting subjects and includes the more modern themes that parents have on their minds these days such as childhood obesity, bullying, post-partum depression, co-sleeping, shaken head syndrome and so forth. 

Chapters are well indexed and subjects are easy to find. The book is divided into 10 sections: Pregnancy, Labour and Birth, Baby care, Toddler Time, Nursing your baby successfully, Baby & Toddler Nutrition, Baby and Toddler Sleep, Family Health, Other parenting concerns, and finally ‘Baby and Toddler Growth and Development’ which comes with a timeline and the developments you’re likely to see. 

Unlike most books of this nature, its advice spans through all the parenting challenges right from conception through to the toddler stage.  

Ashleigh Seton-Rogers


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