Book Review - Unlocking The Secrets To Scorpios

by Trish MacGregor (Page Street) ISBN: 9781624141539

Unlocking the Secrets to Scorpios is a comprehensive guide to the various relationships a Scorpio could have with any other person. It details the dos and don’ts but does not preach in absolutes. It makes sense and is constructive and conducive to positive ways of thinking.

Do you want to know how a Scorpio and a Taurus mother and son can learn to interact? This book will tell you concisely what you need to know. Trouble understanding the soul-rending gaze of your Scorpio friend? This book won’t comfort you but it will inform you of just how transparent your friend thinks you are.

Whether you think this is rubbish or not I guarantee anyone in close proximity to a Scorpio would benefit greatly from this well-written book.

Christopher Dean

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