Dark Heart

by Tony Park (Quercus) ISBN 978-1-78087-418-0


To compare this story writer with Wilbur Smith is far from the truth. Wilbur Smith entertains and holds your interest all the way through. Had I not read about the Rwanda war I would have been totally at sea with this ghastly story.


In Dark Heart there is a very important secret that no-one will reveal. Somewhere in the Gorilla mists are animals behind bars for sale to the highest bidder.  Even baby gorillas are captured and kept under horrendous conditions. The torture scenes are beyond belief and the survivors survive the most amazing horrors. 


Embarking on a mission that takes them from South Africa to Zambia and back to Rwanda, the three characters are drawn into animal smuggling, a world far darker and more sinister than it first appears. I found the story's characters completely mixed up.


This book is badly written and I do not recommend it.


Dee Andrew


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