Book Review - Better Nate Than Ever

by Tim Federle (Walker Books) ISBN: 9781406361537

Nate Foster doesn’t quite fit in. With his love of all things theatrical, a voice made for musicals and a hankering to be on stage, he doesn’t meet the expectations of his traditional sports-mad father, jock of an older brother and always stressed-out mother. Nate is bullied at school for being different and every day is a lesson in survival. Until the day Nate decides he has had enough.

Nate plots his escape with the help of his best friend Libby, when his parents are out of town on a break to repair their marriage. Heading from backwater Janksburg, Pennsylvania Nate heads out into the great unknown of New and gets on a bus to audition for ET-The Musical in New York City. What follows next is an epic adventure story as Nate gets a chance to live his dream, meet some crazy characters and even repair a long standing family rift.

Better Nate Than Ever is written from Nate’s point of view, and is a witty, mad cap adventure of acceptance, family drama and a brilliant portrayal of performance anxiety. Buy it for a tween, but be sure to read it as well. It's inspirational.

Merissa Himraj


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