Thursdays in the Park

by Hilary Boyd (Quercus) ISBN 978-0-85738-517-8


Jeanie takes her granddaughter to the park on Thursdays and out of a casual conversation with a granddad, Ray, who takes Dylan to the park, a flame of intimacy is lit.


This is a very suspenseful love story. There is a loyal and loving husband, who is boring, waiting at home for Jeanie. The passion portrayed is heart breaking, the decisions to be made are nail biting. For a woman of sixty who should know better (and she says this) the feelings aroused in her for Ray amaze the reader.


The sympathy for the victims brings tears to your eyes. How heart breaking for the couple in love who are decent people. A tale simply told with powerful writing that drags you, the reader, into the decision making, the talking and laughing as if you are part of their lives.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


Dee Andrew


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