Book Review - This One Time

by Alex van Tonder (Macmillan) ISBN: 9781770104235

Jacob Lynch moved to the big city and was not making it. Eventually he found a job that paid just enough to keep him afloat. A friend suggested he start a blog, which he did. Slowly it began to take off. He realised that the more he insulted people and the more sexual and outrageous it was, the more popular it was, until he became a multi-millionaire. His TV show contract was renewed and he had a book deal as New York's most notorious blogger, stage name Brodie Lomax. 

He is now suffering from writer's block and he needs to go on a retreat to write. He chooses a hunting lodge in Alaska, but then a beautiful woman, Alicia suddenly appears at the lodge telling him she is there to look after him. The next day, Jacob wakes up chained to the bed, captured. 

The story itself could be captivating but after a while it was tedious and repetitive. If it had been cut down it would have been more of a thriller. The point of the story was to expose how the Internet and reality television allow people to take pleasure out of other people's misery as long as it does not affect them. The concept was thought-provoking and disturbing. 

Dawn Blankfield and Amanda Blankfield-Koseff

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