Book Review - The Wheel of Time Companion

by Robert Jordan, Harriet McDougal, Alan Romanczuk and Maria Simons (Orbit) ISBN: 978-0-356-50614-2

Robert Jordan has penned 14 books and a prequel in his Wheel of Time series. He has created an epic fantasy world that has grown exponentially in complexity with each book. A glossary appears at the end of each book in the series, to help keep track of particulars. 

The Wheel of Time Companion is the giant glossary for the entire series. Jordan wrote extensive notes while writing the series until his death in 2007. The additional information in his notes has been incorporated in this book, adding depth and detail that has previously not been seen. 

Hard-core Wheel of Time fans will love the additional perspective the book gives. Those just starting out, or on the first few books, will find it helpful while they become familiar with details of the series. The book is full of tantalising bits of information that are not in the first books, without giving anything away. 

There are maps and portraits of characters included in the alphabetical list of names, places and terms. 

Ewa Fabris

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