Book Review - The Supernotes Affair

by Agent Kasper translated by John Cullen and Luigi Carletti (A&U Canongate) ISBN: 9781782115731 

Super notes are counterfeit $100 bills so authentically made that the only difference between them and the real deal is the US Mint. Agent Kasper is deployed to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to pose as the co-owner of a bar by Italy’s national military police and the CIA so that he can seek out the offenders. However things go awry and without warning Kasper and his partner are detained without warning. 

The story details the detention, imprisonment and torture of Kasper in some of the worst Cambodian prisons imaginable. Without government or CIA assistance, he struggles to escape his capture while his family’s attorney in Rome tries to get him released. The story flips between his present day frustrations and suffering, and his past as he tries to identify what led up to his incarceration. 

Based on a true story, one can’t help but wonder if the nuance of the language was lost when it was translated from Italian into English. 

Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

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