Book Review - The Salmon Who Dared To Leap Higher

by Ahn Do-hyun (Pan) ISBN: 9781447269991 

The beautiful cover made me pick up this book. The illustrations are exquisite. 

This lovely fable is about a salmon who is different because of his silver scales, but also maybe because he questions everything and thinks about the meaning of life. It reminded me a bit of the children’s story of The little Engine that Could

Just like the little train, this silver-scaled salmon learns about perseverance and that hard work is necessary to achieve what lies beyond his dreams. That not taking the easy way, but leaping up over perilous rapids is better because, ‘all the actions of our lives, the choices we make and the challenges we accept, will go to make the bones and flesh of our children, becoming the substance of those future lives.’ 

The Salmon Who Dared To Leap Higher is about interconnectedness, the circle of life and the importance of looking after the environment. The book could be read as a quick inspirational story, or better, I recommend it to be read out to children as a bedtime story. 

This is the first work by best-selling Korean poet Ahn Do-hyun, translated into English. 

Pauline Vijverberg


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