Book Review - The Safest Place You Know

by Mark Winkler (Michael Joseph) ISBN: 9781415209097 

Home should be a refuge and solace - the safest place you know. This is not the case for Hennie Durant or Antoinette Maidenstone Basset. Both children of abusive, cruel fathers, Hennie and Antoinette are kindred spirits. 

Having lost most of his family to tragic circumstances, Hennie lives with his father Hendrik on their struggling farm, until he gets a letter from his sister, Rose. Rose has not been in contact with Hennie for six years. The letter sets in motion a chain of violent events that result in Hennie leaving the farm. 

In Cape Town, Antoinette Maidenstone Basset returns to the estate she has inherited from her estranged father. Antoinette hated Oliver Maidenstone Basset and his controlling nature. Even in his death, she finds herself tied to the estate forever due to a clause in his will that prevents her from ever leaving. 

Hennie and Antoinette’s lives intersect when Hennie arrives one afternoon at Antoinette’s wine estate, bringing with him a young mysterious girl called Charlotte who may be his long lost niece. 

The Safest Place You Know is a well-crafted story of love, betrayal and redemption.

Merissa Himraj

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