The Lost Girls Of Rome

by Donato Carrisi (Abacus) ISBN 9788-O-349-00030-5


A young girl has mysteriously vanished from Rome. Clement and Marcus sit in a cafe – working on the case in a rainy cafe and pore over the details. They are members of the ancient unique Italian team linked to the Vatican and trained in the detection of true evil. But they are not alone. Sandra, with a brilliant forensic background, is also working on the case.


When the two worlds collide they uncover a terrible secret hidden in the dark recesses of Rome. Their paths cross and not only do they make headway in the case of the missing girl, but they also uncover a terrible secret world hidden in the dark recesses of the city, and The Vatican.


I am not sure if I enjoyed it but I could not stop reading it. I recommend The Lost Girls of Rome if you enjoy a thriller that is very involved, has a complicated page turning plot, and lots of fascinating historical facts.


Dee Andrew


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