The Gods of Atlantis

by David Gibbins (Headline) ISBN 9780755353996


The legendary island of Atlantis is lost beneath the sea for all time. High priests flee for their lives and hide up their greatest treasures.


In Germany in 1945, Nazi officials murder their families and commit suicide as an extremist Nazi Regime appears to pursue archaeological treasures of the past. Present day in the Black Sea, Jack Howard discovers an ancient piece of writing that suggests a different outcome of ancient Atlantis. He utilizes his extensive archaeological knowledge from excursions around the world and links the Atlantis findings with the obscure plans of the Nazi Reich. Jack and his team use their resources to search for the truth.


David Gibbins has a firm understanding of the historical facts detailed in the book. He bounds from one time period to another with purpose and clarity. The background story of Atlantis is compelling as are the mysteries and horrors revealed during World War II. Gibbins is able to guide the reader with the character, Jack Howard, who is able to bring us to an overall understanding in his search for the truth.


Liz Breet


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The Gods of Atlantis

by David Gibbins (Headline) ISBN: 9780755353996


All the ingredients are there: the archaeologist, Jack, with the strong jaw line, a deadly virus that will kill millions, exotic locations, scuba diving for treasures in caves at the bottom of the sea while volcanoes are erupting, all this enlivened with historical details about Atlantis and the Second World War.


The novel is fast paced and full of action, spread out over the course of three days.


A Nazi bunker in a German forest holds a horrific secret, and a hidden treasure has disappeared. Jack, and his partner, Costas, have found a clue in the underwater caves of the lost island Atlantis.


Action, adventure and discovery: a guy’s book. In the background to the novel, Gibbins explains the research behind the story. I have learned a lot of interesting facts. However, only towards the end of the book, a woman is introduced to whom I could relate. Before that, no women feature, except the reference to Jack’s daughter. When I look at the reviews, men like it, women don’t.


Gibbins is a marine archaeologist. He is an authority on shipwrecks and submerged ruins in the Mediterranean Sea. This is his sixth book.


Pauline Vijverberg


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