The Girl Who Could Silence The Wind

by Meg Medina (Walker Books) ISBN: 978 1 4063 4194 2


Magical realism is a genre unique to Latin America. Think Isabel Allende, Paulo Coelho, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


The Girl who could Silence the Wind is a wonderful example of magical realism for the young adult market—although adults will also revel in this enchanting tale of faith, sacrifice, courage and love.


Sonia Ocampo is just a village girl from a humble family in Tres Montes, living with her parents, her nosy aunt, Tia Neli and her handsome brother, Rafael. Except the village believe she is blessed with magical powers. For Sonia, it is more a curse. Isolated in the dusty mining village, she dreams of a better life. And then she gets the chance to work for a rich widow in the capital far away. But she learns that opportunity often leads to compromise, danger and hard life lessons.


Meg Medina has that rare gift for telling a story so vivid and real, you find yourself turning the pages as if held by a spell.  The ending will break your heart—but also fill you with hope and love.


Anthony Ehlers


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