Book Review - The Accident Season

by Moïra Fowley-Doyle (Corgi) ISBN: 9780552571302 

Every October, Cara's life is turned upside down by the accident season. Her family, including her mother, her sister, Alice, and her step-brother, Sam are plagued by accidents. Towards the end of the month, they are haunted by memories of relatives who have died at this time. 

This year is different though and 17-year-old Cara has to face the truth about the present and the past. There are only so many knives you can lock away, bridges you can’t cross, and electrical appliance you avoid using. There’s also the new problem of the elusive Elsie who seems to be following Cara everywhere, and popping up in all her photographs. 

The Accident Season is a book about secrets that should not be kept and the devastation they eventually cause. 

I expected more from this whimsical book. It was highly recommended, and the writing was quite beautiful, but I must admit to being bored through most of it. 

Amanda Patterson 


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