Time between us

by Tamara Ireland Stone (Doubleday) ISBN 978085753115-5 

Anna wants to see the world. She lives in 1995, in Chicago. Bennett lives in 2012, in San Francisco. They were never meant to meet but Bennett has the incredible ability to travel through time and space and suddenly finds himself in Anna’s world but they know it can never last. By clasping hands, Bennett is able to show Anna his world.

They are inescapably drawn to each other. Bennett’s amazing gift is also an unpredictable curse which constantly threatens to separate him from Anna with no more than a second’s notice. Love cannot exist in either world but the magical pull is very strong and you are left wondering if there is a solution to their problem.

You can’t put this story down in spite of the puzzle, and in the end you are entranced. A most unusual novel and well worth reading.

Dee Andrew

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