Book Review - The Moment She Left

by Susan Lewis (Century) ISBN: 9781780891859 

What happened to Jessica Leonard? That’s the question that everybody in the book wants answered. 

The story is set in Kesterly-on-Sea, a small town where people think they know each other only to discover they have skeletons in their closets. It’s a sad story of a family who refuse to lose hope that their daughter will one day return home safely. 

Two years after Jessica’s disappearance, Andee, an ex-detective going through a divorce and trying to mend her relationship with her children, reopens the case and tries to find answers that will bring closure to the family. 

In the meantime, Rowzee, an older woman who is loved by all discovers she has terminal cancer and goes through the difficult decision of whether to tell her eccentric sister, Pamela and the rest of the town, or keep it to herself. I fell in love with the characters as their stories were revealed through their interlinked lives. The small town bonds as news of Jessica’s whereabouts come to light and as they wait together in hospital waiting room. 

As the secrets and lies are revealed, the story comes together, bringing along with it a totally unexpected ending. 

Alicia Sibanda


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Book Review - The Girl Who Came Back

by Susan Lewis (Century) ISBN: 9781780891835 

Three years ago, Amelia Quentin destroyed Jules Bright picture perfect life. Jules has spent the past three years rebuilding herself from the ruins and memories of her losses, now her life is about to be turned upside down once again. Amelia Quentin is being released from prison. 

Amelia had always been a troubled young woman known to Jules and her family. A spoilt rich brat, Amelia’s obsession with Daisy, Jules beloved daughter becomes dangerous and eventually takes a tragic turn.  With all the money in the world at her disposal, Amelia is able to slip the bounds of a long prison sentence. Once freed, Amelia sets out to reconnect with Jules. Despite her friends and family rallying around her to protect her from Amelia, Jules is determined to ensure the truth about what happened to Daisy be revealed. She will stop at nothing to expose Amelia for the dangerous psychopath she is, even if the law is against her. 

This is a well-balanced story that is part murder mystery, part psychological thriller that delves deep into the nature of crime and the people left behind in its aftermath. Cleverly weaving between present and past, The Girl Who Came Back delivers a thrilling, satisfying read.

Merissa Himraj


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