Spilled Blood

by Brian Freeman (Quercus) ISBN 9780857383198


Brian Freeman’s latest psychological thriller centres around two small Minnesota towns at war with each other. Barron houses a successful chemical research company while St Croix, across the river, has suffered an abnormally high amount of cancer deaths.


When a young girl is murdered, sixteen-year-old St Croix resident, Olivia Hawk is accused of murder. Her father, Chris, a divorced attorney living in Minneapolis, rushes to St Croix, determined to exonerate his daughter.


Chris finds himself in the middle of a complex feud as he tries to piece together the events leading up to the murder. He meets with various members of both towns in his quest and discovers some dark secrets.


This book keeps the reader guessing until the very end. Although I felt that the characters could have been further developed and were not entirely believable, I found this a gripping read.   


Carrie Miller


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