The Governor’s Wife

by Mark Gimenez (Sphere) ISBN  9 781847 443816


Bode Bonner is the governor of Texas. He has everything he could want in life but he longs for some new excitement. 


Lindsay Borner is Bode’s wife and she’s bored too. Bored with the endless cocktail parties, and Bode’s womanising. She decides to break free of her bland wealthy Texan lifestyle. And that moment comes when she saves a poor Hispanic boy’s life. She uses her skills as a trauma nurse and her life is changed forever in ways that she could never have predicted.


Predictably, Lindsay falls for Jesse the dedicated doctor who helps the poor. He is a highly skilled doctor. But when push comes to shove and Lindsay finds herself in an untenable situation, she knows that the governor will come to her aid.


Filled with dramatic and ingenious twists and turns, plus a lot of uninteresting padding, this is still a good read.


Dee Andrew


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by Andrea Cremer (Sphere) ISBN: 9781907411373 R200 

Cremer finishes the Nightshade trilogy in style. The battle between the keepers and the searchers is set. Shay accepts his destiny as the Scion. He and his team travel to the sacred sites to assemble the sword needed to defeat the evil Bosque Mar. Calla, Ren & Shay are set to return to Vail and face their worst nightmares. 

Calla sets a new standard as a teen fiction heroine. She is strong, brave and can think for herself. She is one of the heroines I would encourage my teenage daughter to read, if I had a teenage daughter. 

Searchers, Connor, Anika, Ethan and Adne add layers to the final instalment. New bonds are forged, love found, and lost, and sacrifices made. There is no perfect ending which is exactly as it should be. However, the ending is perfect for the story. 

Like the other novels in this trilogy, Bloodrose is well-written, well-plotted and driven by worthy characters. This really is a good read. 

Amanda Patterson

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The Empress of Ice Cream

by Anthony Capella (Sphere) ISBN 978-1-84744-122-5


In the France of 1670 Carlo Demirco's mastery of the extraordinary new art of creating ice creams leads him to wealth, women and a position at the court of Louis X1V. 


He is sent to London along with the lovely Louise, an impoverished lady-in-waiting.  Louise has an iron will and does not submit to becoming Charles II's new mistress.


This is a must read, the story flows so effortlessly that you could imagine yourself right there in the Court, watching the intense plots and intrigues. 


Every chapter starts with a new recipe for ices but I only glanced at that because the story is so thrilling, so delightful, so full of subtleties that the story overwhelms everything. 


The glamour, the parties, the bitchiness, the adored King is enthralling.  And the ice cream maker whips up all sorts of ice creams with Louise very much in his mind. 


He becomes so skilled at his craft that he can even make an ice that slows down the King's sexual prowess.  Louise, the virgin, finally succumbs to the King of England.  The King of France is her target and she vies for a position at the court of Louis X1V. 


You will keep turning pages and tasting ices until the last page.


Dee Andrew


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The Wreckage

by Michael Robotham (Sphere) R236.00 ISBN: 978-1-84744-221-5

In his seventh fiction production, Michael Robotham reacquaints us with Vincent Ruiz, a worn, imperfect but likeable retired London police detective, and Joe O’Laughlin, a perceptive psychologist. 
He introduces us to cast of other characters that ultimately collide after being launched into the story by a number of separate incidences. 
We have Ruiz in London, robbed by a young confidence artist and her traumatized soldier boyfriend; a journalist in Baghdad investigating a series of bank robberies; a UN auditor delving into Iraq reconstruction funding; and the wife of a missing London banker.
This ignites the story that follows Baghdad reconstruction funding all the way up the chain to source, pulling in bankers, state agencies, terrorists, criminals and other interesting characters along the way. 
Robotham constructs the novel much like an expert patch-work quilt maker. He starts by developing rich individual characters, settings and experiences. As the story progresses, he weaves the various components together. In a skilful manner, Robotham spends just the right amount of time on each instalment, leaving the reader disappointed that they have to move on, but looking forward to returning to each storyline. 
A great read that will keep you looking forward to picking up the book and jumping back into the action. 

Patrick Duff

I like Robotham's writing style. He understands the value of short sentences, lots of dialogue and beautiful white space on the right hand side of the page. And he understands that this suits the genre of political thriller writing. 
I would have found it difficult to be critical of this novel after meeting the author less than a month ago. He was a lovely, inspiring man, and I was grateful that his novel was really good. 
Written in present tense, based on true stories from Iraq and London, and cleverly woven together, you won't regret reading this. 
Robotham opens the book by alternating stories of retired detective, Vincent Ruiz chasing a thief, journalist, Luca Tarracini investigating robberies in Iraq, and Elizabeth North searching for her missing banker husband. 
How do they fit together? Read the book and find out. 

Amanda Patterson

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