Crooked Halo

by Sinovuyo Nkonki (Reach) ISBN: 9780620512459


Petra is a bi-racial high school student in Johannesburg, a pretty girl and average student. She’s nothing extraordinary—yet Kevin has sought her out for seduction. What she doesn’t realise is that Kevin has made a bet with his buddies that he will bag and bed her before the year is out.  At just 18 years old, handsome Kevin is a heartbreaker and player—and Petra is about to learn her first painful lesson in heartbreak.


As a writer for young adults, Nkonki shows wonderful insight into her characters. Kevin is a complex character—showing respect for his mother, working hard to bring in money for the family but treating girls as dirt. Petra is a typical love-struck schoolgirl—her naïve nature will make you empathise with her. The dialogue between the characters comes across as authentic.


There’s no doubt that Nkonki is a naturally talented writer—but she is also a novice. This manuscript called for a heavier editorial hand to simplify the text and make it work. It is a sad when writers are lured into self-publishing without realising they may not get the guidance they need to make it in a competitive market.


Anthony Ehlers


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