Shattered Lives: The Story of Advocate Barbie

by Liezl Thom and Laurie Pieters (TCB Publishing) ISBN 978-0-620-51152-0


After witnessing the media frenzy surrounding Cezanne Visser (or the more famously nicknamed, Advocate Barbie) for the last 9 years or so, I was curious to find out more about the events that led up to her eventual fall from grace.


The first time we saw her on South African TV vying for the coveted position of South African Idols, her infamy seemed to spread.  Not for reasons that you and I would be proud of, but due to her strange and bizarre relationship with Dirk Prinsloo, a fellow advocate.


The happily ever after for ‘Barbie’ (the moniker even the prison warders use to address her these days) was not to last.  It soon became apparent, that not only had this couple been living a bizarre lifestyle on the outside, but back home, they were delving into sexually depraved acts that included preying on underage girls from children’s homes, to satisfy their sexual urges.


When faced with a prison sentence and charges of fraud, indecent assault, possession of child pornography etc. this foolhardy and resourceful couple don’t just lie down and die. Quite the contrary.


While this story will make you cringe for this inappropriate and disillusioned couple, it’s definitely worth a read especially when it comes to hearing about their house of horrors, or the oddly nick-named, ‘Inner Circle Castle’!


Ashleigh Seton-Rogers


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