Hot Property

by Cheryl Ntumy (Sapphire Press) ISBN 9780795703911.


Keabetswe Rantao has made up her mind.


She is twenty eight years old and knows that her career as an estate agent is her goal in life, and she refuses to let men or the idea of motherhood get in her way.


She is so headstrong that she resents her best friend for quitting her career to start trying to have a baby right after her wedding.


However, the situation changes when she meets architect, Oagile Motsumi, who causes some waves in her ideals, making her consider if she has indeed made the right decisions. Kea is forced to examine her reason for not wanting to be a mother. She had an alcoholic mother who abandoned her at a young age.


This romance novel is very PG - a far cry from '50 Shades of Gray', but one with good values and morals, and a happy ending. A pleasant holiday read suitable for a woman of any age.


Amanda Blankfield


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