Pioneer Woman

(Pan) by Ree Drummond ISBN: 9781447202073


Marlboro Man, a cowboy, meets Ree, a typical city girl, in a pub.


Ree Drummond has had a four year affair with J who seems to fulfil her every need. And then a kiss with Marlobo Man changes her life completely.


This is the story of a sizzling love affair finding Ree growing more bewildered by the way of life on the ranch. Her country life starts with a horse ride, where she lands up in a ditch, fuming. Marlboro Man sympathises with a chuckle in his deep voice.....


Later on Ree tears up the road to deal with a prairie fire which terrifies and exhausts her. And on every page there is serious kissing which leads to marriage and a baby girl.


You cannot put this book down. You laugh at the descriptions and have butterflies in your tummy every time he kisses her. The baby turns her into a wreck. Her husband loves her anyway.


What a delightful story. You will love it.


Dee Andrew


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