Book Review - Quiet: The Power of Introverts

by Susan Cain (Penguin Life) ISBN 978 0 241 27355 5 

Susan Cain once again opens up the realms of dialogue with Quiet: The Power of Introverts. Enlightening the world to those little people who suffer from being too quiet and misunderstood, the ones that grow up in a word that can’t stop talking. These are our introverted children. 

This book is life-changing for people who are introverts or who have introverts in their lives. In other words - all of us. Through short stories of actual events in young children’s lives, Susan captures the essence and beautiful purpose of the young introvert. 

It is definitely a book I would love to have had explained to me as a child. Instead of becoming the clown to fit in and be loud, I would have quietly ruled the world on my own terms. 

Accept and treasure yourself just as you are. This is what Susan quietly and lovingly shares with each one of us. Read this book and unleash your hidden superpowers. 

Tammany Barton


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