by Tricia Rayburn (Faber and Faber) ISBN: 978-0-571-27396-6


The mythical femme fatale of the sea, the siren, seducer of men is the subject of this book.


Vanessa Sands life has turned upside down. Her sister has been murdered and it appears that the sirens are to blame and now they are after Vanessa.


Vanessa has a secret, a secret she has to keep from her boyfriend, Simon. I could not understand why Vanessa was continuously thirsty and kept drinking salt water, why she finds boys ‘cute’ when she is supposed to be depressed about her sister’s death. I eventually learnt that Vanessa was a siren.


The story was difficult to follow. Vanessa exists in her head and I found this boring. Scenes and chapters jumped from one story point to the next.


Pulse is the second book in the Siren trilogy. Most authors create some backstory for readers who enter the story in the second book to get some perspective. Rayburn doesn’t. You will have to read the first book to understand what is happening in this story.


Ulrike Hill


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