Book Review - Precious Gifts

by Danielle Steel (Transworld) ISBN: 9780593069035 

Paul Parker, a successful business man but absent father to his three daughters and son, has died peacefully in his sleep. As his children and ex-wife gather for the reading of his will, they realise that Paul has left them each a legacy that will face their future and destiny. 

As a plot premise, it all sounds very intriguing — but the story doesn’t live up to this promise.  After chapter after chapter of backstory, the narrative fails to come to come to life.  Most of the story focuses on Veronique, the ex-wife, which plays out every romance novel cliché to the point of irritation — and the three daughters are not developed as likeable characters. 

The story has all the usual Danielle Steel glamour and fabulous settings — Paris, Venice, and New York — which makes it an easy holiday read. But there are too many characters in the book for each to be developed properly. I’m a fan of Danielle Steel, but this wasn’t her best book. Precious Gifts is a hastily wrapped holiday present. You may find yourself wishing you could return it. 

Anthony Ehlers

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