Book Review - The Name of God is Mercy

by Pope Francis (Blue Bird) ISBN: 978-1-5098-2493-9

Pope Francis is undoubtedly the most visible and well-liked Pope in recent history. He is renowned for his humility and willingness to stay connected with all of society, particularly the poor and marginalised. 

Mercy is a topic close to his heart, one which has characterized his life and ministry. It therefore came as no surprise when he declared this to be the theme for his papacy. It is also fitting that this is the subject of his first publication as Pope. 

For Francis, mercy cuts to the core of human relationships – both those with God and with each other. Mercy is not exclusive to those who seek it from God, but something that we are called to extend to others. 

The Name of God is Mercy is not a theological treatise but a snapshot of conversations between Francis and Vatican reporter Andrea Tornielli. It is short, readable, and insightful. As such it provides an insight into Francis’s thoughts and worldview. 

Unfortunately the length of the book (less than 150 very small pages) considering the obscure, frankly inaccessible import is a noticeable irony of which I am sure Francis himself would not approve. But for those wanting an insight into perhaps one of the most influential figures of our time, it is invaluable. 

Wayne Bouwer


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