The Next Always

by Nora Roberts (Piatkus) ISBN: 9780749955366


Nora Roberts, international bestselling author, has turned her hometown into a tourist attraction. She has written a fictional trilogy—The Next Always is the first—of the historic bed-and-breakfast she and her family remodelled in BoonsBoro, Maryland two years ago.


Keeping with her literary aspirations, Roberts has created rooms inspired by famous fictional couples—from the pages of Dashiell Hammet to Jane Austen, even her own Eve Dallas series. Roberts has even opened a nearby bookstore, the Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe, for those romantic pilgrims wanting to pay tribute to the queen of popular fiction.


Nora Roberts has cleverly turned real life into fiction with The Inn at BoonsBoro Trilogy. The series revolves around the handsome Montgomery brothers, their eccentric mother, and the family obsession with the Inn BoonsBoro. In the first instalment, we meet Beckett or Beck as he is known. He is the architect of the family, a tall down-to-earth blue-jeans kind of hero who wants to rekindle a teen romance. Clare Brewster has come home after losing her husband to run the local bookstore. It’s a premise that makes for great small town romantic fiction.


The novel is filled with the colour, tastes, sounds and souls of the inn and its people. It’s a great story, teeming with humour, romance and has that “feel-good” factor that will have readers eager for the second episode. Nora Roberts has created another winner.


Anthony Ehlers


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Born of Shadows

 by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Piatkus) ISBN 978 0 7499 5473 4


This book is badly written. I don’t say that often. No, wait that is not true. The point is, with most books, it is the boring plot coupled with the bad writing.


This book is different. The plot is Star Wars, the good one. The author doesn’t even pretend it’s not. I mean with all the storm troopers being shot with blasters I kept looking at the cover for the “Lucus Industries’” logo.


So it’s a story about a kid with dark secrets in his past and father issues who will one day save the world. So you really can’t go wrong with that. It has kept the Sci-fi industry going all these years. There are laser guns and weird DNA experiments.


That is another big tick in the space nerd check list.


So why does it fail so badly you ask? I know you didn’t actually ask but this was going nowhere so I’m speeding it up.


The only reason I can see is that when I read it out loud the overall impression is that Forest Gump is speaking to me. Now I know that an internal dialogue can be useful and informative in books. However, when that dialogue is saying things like “I’m in trouble now” while being shot at, it upsets me. I mean, really, what ever gave it away?


This book seems to be written for adults. And yet it assumes that “ya’ll” will need telling that being shot at is bad. It’s rather like me saying, “this book is insulting to your intellect". Intellect means how smart you are, sweetie. No, no, not Internet, intellect with two l’s. Ok, fine, let’s start from the beginning. "English is an Indo-European language… ”.


Christopher Dean


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