Book Review - Coffin Road

by Peter May (Quercus) ISBN: 9781784293093

Imagine if you woke up one day with no recollection of who you are and no memory of your life so far. 

This is the fate that befalls our protagonist who awakens after almost drowning in the rough shores of the Flannan Islands. He has no idea how he got there or who he is. He knows that something terrible has happened and that he might have done something awful. His only hope is to try and figure out who he is, but his very existence seems to be fabricated on lies. 

Meanwhile in Edinburgh a troubled teenage girl is determined to find out what drove her father to commit suicide two years earlier, not knowing that her quest will take her into serious peril. Elsewhere a resolute Detective George Gunn has to solve a murder on a remote rocky outcrop only accessible by helicopter or sailing boat, and George is no sailor. 

It was fascinating to unfold these three stories that built into an explosive resolution of both a new mystery and an old one. I loved the descriptive writing which transported me to the rainy Scottish Hebrides. Coffin Road is a great book for a winter weekend. 

Merissa Himraj


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