Book Review - Genuine Lies

by Nora Roberts (Piatkus) ISBN 9780349408019

Nora Roberts is a master storyteller. 

Eve Benedict is a famous Hollywood movie star. In her sixties, she is still working and popular. She has decided to have her biography written by ghost writer, Julia Summers. Eve wants to expose all the lies and scandals, both hers and her associates. She realises she is opening a dangerous hornet's nest. 

Her step-son, Paul Winthrop is against this book. Julia sides with Eve, so her ideas clash with Paul's. They do not know they are being caught in a tangled sinister web. Eve is yet to reveal her last great secret, which will throw them all into danger. 

People do not want to be exposed. They would do anything to prevent the biography being published. Should it be edited or sanitised? What would the outcome be if it is written for all to see? 

Nora Roberts has constructed her story brilliantly. It is an absolute page turner with never a dull moment - a great read. 

Dawn Blankfield


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Book Review - Stars of Fortune

Book one of The Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts (Piatkus) ISBN: 978 0 349 40780 7 

Sasha is a successful young artist, solitary, contented in her North Carolina mountain cottage. She begins dreaming night and day about five young people whom she feels she knows yet doesn’t. They urge her to travel to a place where she will gather them around her. As a team they will embark on a dangerous quest to find the star. 

Sasha has no idea what this means, but knows she is a seer who can no longer downplay her gift. She must trust her dreams. She will meet a dark haired man whose intense eyes mesmerise her. He carries lightning in his hands. Long, long ago she loved him deeply. She sees a tall man with a sword, another with a golden compass and two beautiful, magical women with secrets. Sasha creates detailed sketches and paintings of them all. She will know them when she finds them. 

She sees cliffs and wild seas, sunlight and great beauty, but also darkness, storms, blood and pain. She must journey to the Greek island of Corfu to meet her destiny. 

Irene Roper

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The Next Always

by Nora Roberts (Piatkus) ISBN: 9780749955366


Nora Roberts, international bestselling author, has turned her hometown into a tourist attraction. She has written a fictional trilogy—The Next Always is the first—of the historic bed-and-breakfast she and her family remodelled in BoonsBoro, Maryland two years ago.


Keeping with her literary aspirations, Roberts has created rooms inspired by famous fictional couples—from the pages of Dashiell Hammet to Jane Austen, even her own Eve Dallas series. Roberts has even opened a nearby bookstore, the Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe, for those romantic pilgrims wanting to pay tribute to the queen of popular fiction.


Nora Roberts has cleverly turned real life into fiction with The Inn at BoonsBoro Trilogy. The series revolves around the handsome Montgomery brothers, their eccentric mother, and the family obsession with the Inn BoonsBoro. In the first instalment, we meet Beckett or Beck as he is known. He is the architect of the family, a tall down-to-earth blue-jeans kind of hero who wants to rekindle a teen romance. Clare Brewster has come home after losing her husband to run the local bookstore. It’s a premise that makes for great small town romantic fiction.


The novel is filled with the colour, tastes, sounds and souls of the inn and its people. It’s a great story, teeming with humour, romance and has that “feel-good” factor that will have readers eager for the second episode. Nora Roberts has created another winner.


Anthony Ehlers


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Black Hills

by Norah Roberts (Piatkus) ISBN: 978-0-7499-2926-8


Norah Robert fans will love this bulky whodunit story of Lil Chance.


A young Lil falls in love with Cooper Sullivan, sulky and sad New Yorker. He is visiting his grandparents on their farm because his parents are trying to patch up their marriage. He discovers that Lil is no ordinary girl and this childhood romance helps him appreciate the outback life. That is until; Lil and Cooper grow up and go their separate ways.


They meet up again 12 years later. Lil has achieved her dream of opening a wild life sanctuary. Cooper has moved back to his grandparent’s farm. When a cougar is killed in the hills Lil and Cooper are forced to work together. A lunatic killer is on the prowl, someone who believes that Lil is violating ancient Sioux grounds. But Lil has not forgiven Cooper for breaking her heart.


This story is different to Robert’s usual safe romance as she forces the characters together to face their own weaknesses. Tracking a killer and saving the sanctuary, Lil and Cooper rekindle the magnetism that existed years ago.


A definite page-turner. The heroine is strong and independent and the story will have readers guessing until the end.


Ulrike Hill


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