The Black Echo

by Michael Connelly (Orion Books) ISBN 9781409139485 

Harry Bosch, LAPD Homicide Detective, is called out to investigate the body found in a drainage tunnel. On seeing the man's face, he remembers Billy Meadows from long ago in another tunnel. He is led to believe the cause of death is a drug overdose but he has his suspicions. He proceeds to investigate further which is an unpopular decision amongst his peers. Nevertheless his determination urges him forward against all odds, of which there were plenty. 

The author's characterisation is believable and consistent, which elicits the reader's sympathy. Your attention is held by suspense, intrigue and many surprises. There is a realism which is appealing as the author did real life research about ‘a day in the life of a detective’ which adds to the believability. 

This is Connelly's first book from 1992, which has been reprinted, so if one has not read any of his other books, there are many more to look forward to. 

Dawn Blankfield

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