Book Review - 50 Silk Scarves

by Melanie Brummer (Metz Press) ISBN: 9781920479848 

As the title succinctly describes it, 50 Silk Scarves shows you how to go about creating the most gorgeous patterned silk scarves. 

This book is perfect for anyone looking to make something fun, functional and fashionable. With stunning pictures, easy-to-follow instructions and comprehensive notes on the processes involved, it is truly a great kick starter for anyone who enjoys crafting. 

The instructions are clear, and the step-by-step illustrations and use of everyday household objects to make the intricate patterns on scarves only add to the charm of this book. The best part of this book is that even a novice can get stuck into any one of the projects and achieve a stunning outcome. 

50 Silk Scarves is an ideal to any crafters collection, and an inspiration for many birthday gifts. 

Merissa Himraj


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