Book Review - The Last Kids On Earth

by Max Brallier (Egmont) ISBN: 9781405281638 

This is the latest children’s horror novel from Max Brallier (Can YOU Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?) and illustrator Douglas Holgate (Cheesie Mack). 

Thirteen-year-old Jack Sullivan is 42 days into the monster and zombie apocalypse that has come to his home town of Wakefield, and probably the whole world. Home is a tree-house fortress that he’s had to make major defence additions to since all the terror started. 

He manages to locate his best friend, science geek and inventor Quint. While driving the desolate streets in their armoured car, Big Mama, they find Dirk. Dirk is the brawny school bully that used to torment them. They convince him to join them, he’s a strong guy which is useful when fighting monsters. The three become unlikely friends and set out on a quest to rescue June, the coolest girl in school and the girl Jack likes. Jack, who is an orphan and foster child, finally finds the friends and family and pet monster, Rover, he’s never had.

The Last Kids On Earth is a  riveting read, full of illustrations of monsters, zombies and enough gore to delight eight to twelve-year-olds. 

Ewa Fabris


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