The 500

by Matthew Quirk (Headline) ISBN 9780755387410.


The 500 will take you on a rollercoaster ride from page one.


Mike Ford was raised streetwise. His father taught him the tricks of the trade of how to con people. Having learnt the hard way, he decides to go straight and manages to qualify as a lawyer from Harvard. He is employed by the Henry Davies Group, a powerful political consulting firm. He works his butt off but the money is good and so are the privileges that go with it.


He discovers that all is not what it seems. Being on the side of the law is not necessarily moral or honest. He is being manipulated and decides to play a game of his own, which is like a chess game - each move and counter move produces a new result. We see the sleazy side of politics and power mongering. Mike Ford takes a terrifying bumpy ride that leaves you breathless until the end.


This is truly a page-turner. If you liked John Grisham's The Firm, this one is for you.


Dawn Blankfield


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