Book Review - The Teacher

by Katerina Diamond (AVON) ISBN: 978-0-00-818046-1 

This psychological crime thriller is Katerina Diamond's first novel. 

Secrets kept closely guarded by an elite few come to light when a student becomes the teacher. Unexpectedly the tables turn and the prey becomes the hunter. One by one dirty secrets are revealed no matter how tight the lid is kept on the box to conceal the contents from the world. 

Not even a fire could destroy every last shred of evidence. Two seemingly misfit detectives, each with their own shame and flaws, follow what would appear to be unrelated clues. They manage to match link after link and unravel a web so tightly spun it’s hard to know who to trust as connections seem to go way up the ranks. They reveal years of horrors. Scars etched deep into the body, mind and soul of the innocent. 

The law is black and white. Murder is punishable, particularly such heinous acts of gruesome mutilation of fellow human beings. Well, it seems there is a fine line between punishing people who deserve it, in the same manner they tortured others, and outright murder for pleasure. 

Maria Vosloo


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Book Review - The Scattering

by Lauri Kubuitsile (Penguin) ISBN: 9781485903079

Author, Lauri Kubuitsile is well known for her children’s fiction and has won awards for these. She has also produced audit fiction and short stories such as In the Spirit of McPhineas Lata and other short stories. 

The Scattering is a historic novel which tells a tale of two strong women from different backgrounds, who survive against all odds during the Southern African colonial wars. Each with their own dreams and ideals, caught up in wars which are not theirs. 

People take sides and turn on each other for the sake of survival. Families are torn apart, dreams are shattered and hearts are broken along the way. 

To survive is like coming back from the dead and coming back from the dead changes people. This is how Tjipuka describes being reunited with her husband. Only the strongest survive but freedom comes at a price, in a form least expected. 

The Scattering is a beautiful story of unbreakable bonds, love and new friendships. I truly enjoyed it and will recall the characters with fondness for some time to come. 

Maria Vosloo


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