Lone Wolf

by Jodi Picoult (Hodder & Stoughton) ISBN: 978-1-44472899-6


I have a confession. I have not read a Jodi Picoult novel before. I have always thought her topics were heart wrenching. Then Lone Wolf crossed my desk. I wondered if she had ventured into the supernatural genre. I was pleasantly surprised once I had finished reading Lone Wolf.


Luke Baxter is a man who neglects his family to live with wolves. His wife has divorced him and remarried. His son Edward has not spoken to him for six years. One night he collects his daughter, Cara from a party. On the way home, they crash. Life support systems keep him alive. The doctors feel he will never revive from his coma.


Luke Baxter has presented his family with a dilemma. Do they keep him alive? Or, do they let him die. Cara wants to save her father’s life. But, she is hiding a secret. Edward wants his father dead. He too has a secret.


Picoult’s story weaves its way into the thoughts of the characters and presents back-story so that the reader can participate in this dilemma. If Luke Baxter were your father, would you want him to live or die? The plot is tight and the scenes will keep you captivated.


I have another confession. I am a Jodi Picoult fan.


Ulrike Hill


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