Book Review - Like It Matters

by David Cornwall (Umuzi) ISBN: 9781415201602

Like it Matters brings Ed and Charlotte together one fateful afternoon. Each driven by their own inner demons, it seems like they might have finally found something worth holding on to. 

For a while Ed thinks he might finally recover from the drug dependency that has taken over his life, because he has Charlotte. Charlotte is beautiful, young and complicated, despite Ed trying desperately to better his life, fate has other plans.  Soon Ed and Charlotte are embroiled in a dangerous scheme with far reaching consequences. 

Complications arise when Charlotte’s supposed cousin, Dewald arrives, with the tension between him and Ed fuelled by a secret past. Even more complications involving Charlotte’s father and assorted hangers-on, have Ed is in more trouble than he ever thought possible. Ed tries his hardest to cling to the life he wants for himself and Charlotte. 

Set in realistic portrayal of Cape Town’s underbelly, far removed from the tourist pictures, this debut novel from David Cornwall is achingly memorable. 

Merissa Himraj


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