Book Review - Liar Liar

A DI Helen Grace Thriller by M.J. Arlidge (Penguin) ISBN 9781405919210

Luke is terrified as he scrambles through the open window. Should he jump? What else can he do if he is to avoid being burned alive? Everything he has - the house, books, football kit is all utterly destroyed by the fire. 

DI Helen Grace encounters a case of arson worse than she has ever known. Three fires are raging in different areas simultaneously. This is surely no coincidence. 

A girl says she saw someone running behind a house; an off-duty fireman is seen taking pictures. Now another three fires have destroyed three more properties. What is the perpetrator trying to say? What is the motive? How and why are the victims chosen? These are all deliberate and calculated acts of murder. 

M.J. Arlidge keeps us guessing. Who is the perpetrator of these horrific fires? Towards the end the suspense is compelling. The author has also written for television. 

Dawn Blankfield


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