Little Star

by John Ajvide Lindqvist (Quercus) R228, 00 ISBN 978-0-85738-511-6


Whether I wanted to or not, I couldn't put this unusual book down. I needed to find a point from which I could unravel the author's thoughts.


A corner of a plastic bag moves in the snow. It contains a new-born baby. She is taken in by a loving family, so how does she become abnormal?  Or are people simply fashioned like that in spite of good upbringings.


I have never read a book like this. Evil stalks a beautiful girl with the singing voice of an angel. Or is she evil incarnated? There must be people out there who thrive on this sort of terror. After all, the book is published and runs to 500 pages. And you cannot stop reading.


A hammer nails into the four corners of a coffin that holds a living, breathing little girl. Does she survive?


Premeditated violence plays a huge part in this story. The massacre scene at the concert will live with me forever. In the background you hear the little Star singing beautifully in her pure voice. 


There is no sanity in this book but you keep reading and should someone try and take the book away from you, beware; the reader wields a hammer. Thank heavens for the diversity of story tellers and that we have free choice.


Dee Andrew


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