Book Review - The Constant Queen

by Joanna Courtney (MacMillan) ISBN: 9781447281962

Part two in a trilogy involving three Viking queens, this book can be read before the first. History is like that. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the battles were not long, drawn-out detailed accounts, but dramatic re-enactments, succinct and more powerful that way. But if you like the detailed war scenes more than intricate relationships, vividly illustrated, this is not a book for you.

The story of how Elizaveta and Viking warrior Harald met, wed and adventured is an amazing one. What I loved was how Joanna Courtney gave them strong personalities. This, together with the rich detailed setting and thorough research of all the many interesting characters and ways of life make for a wonderful journey.

This is not a light easy read, but it is enchanting, enthralling and an enriching experience.

Bravo, Joanna Courtney for giving readers of historical fiction permission to be done with the Tudors, and for bringing out the sexy Vikings.

Bev Bouwer


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