Book Review - Moskva

by Jack Grimwood (Penguin) ISBN: 978-0-718-18156-7

Tom Wolfe is an intelligence officer, banished to Moscow after an incident in Northern Ireland. Conveniently unavailable while a commission of enquiry takes place and his superiors decide on his future.

While stationed at the British Embassy a body is found dumped outside the walls of the Kremlin. It is a young boy, bled before he is frozen and left as a warning. Then the daughter of the ambassador mysteriously disappears and more bodies begin to turn up. As Tom becomes embroiled in the disappearance of the young girl he finds more allies in the Russians than with his own embassy, the ambassador himself losing patience with his methods. Tom must not only solve a crime but find redemption and confront his own past.

Moskva is a brilliantly crafted thriller set towards the end of the Cold War as relations between the Soviets and the West begin to thaw. Echoes of Russia’s history and recent wars reverberate through the narrative and add insightful depth to the novel.

I loved this book.

Wayne Bouwer


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