The Casual Vacancy

by J K Rowling (Little Brown) ISBN 781408 704202


It’s amazing what anticipation and expectation can do. I could not wait to read The Casual Vacancy.


The village of Pogford is described in a Potterish fashion. Krystal and Fats are so selfishly involved in their teenage bumbling in the bush at the river that you just know the drama that will unfold. Due to the fact that Krystal has to drag her little brother along, they dump him on a bench near the river.


The whole book is peopled by similar natured people who have no sense of responsibility. I wondered as I ploughed through the book if this was meant for young adults or grownups.


This was an extremely difficult book to read. Abusive teenagers shout at their parents and parents use filthy language to their children. The vacancy that has become uppermost in the whole town has brought out the worst of the nature of the people .They become vultures. Rowling’s sex scenes are pathetic.


Don't rush to buy this book. It’s just not enjoyable.


Dee Andrew


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