Out of Sight

by Isabelle Grey (Quercus) ISBN 978 0 85738 318 1


Patrick is a homeopath who lives in England with his wife and young child. A strained visited from his parents leaves him disoriented. The events that follow change his life forever.


Five years later in a village in South-West France an Englishwoman, Leonie, meets a quiet reserved man named Patrice. He is a loner and refuses to drive in a car. She is attracted by his mystery and believes her love will heal all that has made him so. She searches for answers and uncovers more than she bargains for.


Isabelle Grey weaves the sad tale of unrequited love, tragedy and loneliness. She uses the main characters to communicate why some people repeat destructive behaviour in a relationship and looks at how one can block out tragedies that life may throw at us. The reader can relate to the feelings and thoughts running in the minds of both Leonie and Patrick.


This book is beautifully timed and eloquently written.


Liz Breet


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