Book Review - Granite

by Jenny Robson (Tafelberg) ISBN: 978-0-624-07309-3 

Mokomba is a young boy of fifteen winters from Zimba Remabwe, a fictional city inspired by the Zimbabwe Ruins. He tells the story of his great city, his king’s command, and his adventure to a faraway land and how it all ended. The story is told by Mokomba, but written down by Shafiq, an Arab trader who has made the city his home. They are the viewpoint characters who share the story with us. 

Written in the lovely, lilting rhythms of Africa this book created a wonderful version of this city. A city, which trades with Europe and Arab states, and has an ambitious king who seeks all the wonders of the world for his own kingdom. I have always been fascinated by the Zimbabwe ruins. Perhaps this is why I enjoyed this story so much. It was entertaining and refreshing. 

Mia Botha


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