Gone In Seconds

by A.J. Cross (Orion) ISBN 978 1 4091 4268 3


When the skeletal remains of Molly James are discovered five years after she went missing, the case is reopened by the UCU (Unsolved Crime Unit) based at the West Midlands Police Headquarters.


Dr Kate Hanson, who is consulting forensic psychologist on the team, becomes alarmed when a second set of remains nearby to the first set is unearthed. She starts to fear they might be dealing with a ‘Repeater’ - someone whose pattern of killing adapts over time.


When Kate starts to dig deeper into the archives, certain anomalies start to appear, as though someone deliberately tried to sabotage the outcome of the case. Together with her motley crew of colleagues, Joe, her love interest, Bernie, the slovenly side-kick, and Julian, her student helper, Kate attempts to solve the case.


This forensic crime story was an enjoyable read and towards the end I couldn’t put it down. However, its fundamental flaw is that it’s way too long and wordy. The first few hundred pages are off-putting, as the barrage of characters and other details is overwhelming. However, if you persevere you will be rewarded with a fairly plausible plot.  


Ashleigh Seton-Rogers


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